My name is Milan Verwers. I'm the founder, owner and only employee of Pop Linguistics. I started this one-person business to help other businesses increase their reach. Marketing is my forte thanks to my creativity, large Dutch vocabulary and writing chops. I spend a lot of time reading various Dutch publications, with well-written columns and opinion pieces being my favorites, since it's usually there where obscure, long-forgotten or niche words rear their beautiful head. However, I don't shy away from 'regular’ articles in my quest for new words and expressions. This helps me stay up to date on global developments.


Aside from marketing translations, I also enjoy translating financial texts. Ever since I started taking economy classes in secondary school, I was fascinated by the economic system. I use this background to not only translate copy related to economics, but also to better translate financial content. My main specialty is anything regarding the stock market, such as quarterly reports of investment companies, but I would be happy to help you with other financial texts as well.


All in all, I just love language in general. They say those who love their job never have to work a day in their life. I guess I'll never work again.